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Hi all, Just got a new 6 month subscription. I'm not happy with the membership increase at all. In 2016 I shall endeavor to post more things, but will have to see what comes. Things have been a bit turbulent as of late.
Little Eagle

Little eagle, little eagle
when will you fly?
Your wings are growing
your eyes are sharp
your beak should seek the taste of fish afar!
Instead you dance in cool lake water
splish a splashing,
flapping wings.
spreading, stretching long dark feathers
broad shoulders in summers heat,
Little eagle, little eagle
playing in the water
Perhaps another day you'll fly.

I saw my niece upon the lake
paddle in her hand board below
standing on water
like a reed she floated and stood afar
the water wide and greyish blue
and forever the sky, blue above
in idle stillness
As a crane in grace
In her element composed
my little naiad stood
from birth to such a lone tall reed
between three borders
land, and sky and water boundless.
Strong she skims the paddle onward
so many paths to choose.
A poem about or to my niece. :hug:
Red Field

Screaming heart that beats so loud,
as wings emerge out of my back
like swords from bone
flashing open gold on the red covered field
who am I to burst forth with gold blood dripping
still red from the field
laden in bright grass
red tops from battle and yellow grains
Would I be the one to slay them?
What was my cause with scythe in hand?
Was this my grain now to keep?
What use was there in culling tainted corn?
What use was there in corn?
staring off to the black and crooked mountains.
a breach between them of pouring water,
the ocean licking sunlight
washing and calling me far afield
Thoughts fade as I walk toward it.
At the fields edge larger lingers the wind
like fingers brushing my long red hair,
and breathing strong as it brushes past
the skeleton of outstretched behind me
It picks at the feathers bursting forth
cracking open the pin feathers, barbs and rachis
spreading along the fingered mass,
so long, so thick, so sharp the feeling.
Coddled in cool pain, toward the crest I still walk
My heart aglow in green and gold
pulsing brighter on approach,
craggy cliff of grey black stone,
Blinking I stand
out from the dirt of a bloody field,
larger and stronger the wind in my wings
larger and stronger I find my courage
I cannot not fight the gusts that raise me
clasping my wings
the feathers unfurled,
lifting me up with one step forward,
I let go and drop the scythe,
all sound falls before the wind
no metal, no weight, no water, only breath
I cling to the breeze
a gusting blow pulls away
all the broken thoughts I had
with one step
I have forgotten
all but feathers, wind and wings.
The breath of the orchestra
swells and curls around my back
a writhing dance in trembling lights
the beat of life,
a brain awakened,
sparking the spiral
and tempting each sense.
I feel the want and open my wings
one feathered note atop another
the scaly softness becoming my armor
arms in freedom folding in
moving the score
that swells with deep breaths
my heart ruptures into golden light
entranced by the spectrum,
continuum of song
wide and deep
I dare dip my lighted wings
into the spiral of notes abounding
clinging to my taloned feet
I count the seconds,
bound by the fingers of harp strings
With one stroke
the claw slays wire,
I've broken free
the motion a tympanic thunder
and quickly I leap
falling on the wind of horns and strings
my eyes wide open
my body weightless in the storm around me
the music of thunder
like a rising flame
holds me aloft
as I soar in spirals
the nerve to feel a surging light
freedom is the sound
and freedom is my flight.
A poem about music and how it makes me feel  with a little synesthesia thrown in. I really do experience music quite deeply


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Minnesota1
I am a writer and artists primarily working in porcelain clay these days. I don't do much painting anymore. I primarily sculpt and carve horses, masks, and various scenes in mid to low relief. I have always loved horses and they have always been subjects in my art. I am open for commissions on some similar porcelain work.

Short update

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 9:36 AM
  • Mood: Isolated
  • Drinking: fizzy strawberry water

Hi all!
I haven't posted in forever.So here's a short update before my brain turns to mush.
My shingles pain has come back with a vengeance this past week, so I have to take meds and they turn my brain to mush. Not so fun but I'd rather be mush brained than in pain, but the meds just sort of cut the pain a little... like they stop a part of it but it's still there, like a nagging clawing little brat :P Needless to say I can't drive to the studio when I'm on my meds.

Still I did manage to feel up to getting into the studio yesterday and get a pile of work glazed and in the kiln to fire. I also found 3 new celadon glazes by Amaco that I'm test firing this month. Should get the test tiles out sometime this week. I have 1 piece that is rather large and might be very pretty if it comes out right.  I also have some other cone 10 reduction work that won't be fired for a bit, but should come out nicely. I'm hoping I put enough iron oxide stain on them to make them come out nicely. I need to experiment with a few more stains in cone 10 reduction to see what effects I can get.

That's about it,
XOXO to watchers
P.S. have a blessed Imbolc all!


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